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So you'll know what you're doing with your Sprite c:

LIST UPDATED!! Dec. 28th
If you've lost your reserved spot, send a note to group and we shall put your two weeks back on the board and give you time to finish your sprite.
A note, you might want to finish your sprites before too long. We're planning (if everything goes well) to have an event in January.
Thank you for being patient with us.

Now that the club's open, you may still reserve your fruit, but you're only given 2 weeks to get your character sheet completed before we take it off the list.

Fruits with a :bulletred: by their names mean their character sheets have been uploaded.
Fruits with a :bulletpurple: next to their names are taken by NPCS

:bulletgreen::bulletblue: FRUITS ALREADY TAKEN
:bulletred: Abiu
:bulletred: Beach Plum
:bulletred: Bearberry
:bulletred: Blackcurrant
:bulletred: Blood Orange
:bulletred: Cacao Bean
:bulletred: Chokecherry
:bulletred: Coconut
:bulletred: Cranberry
:bulletred: Durian
:bulletred: Gala Apple
:bulletred: Gooseberry
:bulletred: Green Olive
:bulletred: Honeysuckle
:bulletred: Huckleberry
:bulletred: Key Lime
:bulletred: Kiwi
:bulletred: Lemon
:bulletred: Lime
:bulletred: Logan Berry
:bulletred: Lychee
:bulletred: Magenta Lilly Pilly
:bulletred: Mango
:bulletred: Maypop
:bulletpurple: Mulberry
:bulletred: Naranjilla
:bulletpurple: Orange
:bulletred: Papaya
Passion Fruit PorcelainDragon
:bulletred: Peach
:bulletred: Pecan
:bulletred: Plum
:bulletred: Pomegranate
:bulletred: Pomelo
:bulletred: Pumpkin
:bulletpurple: Quince
:bulletred: Raspberry
:bulletpurple: Red Delicious Apple
:bulletred: Rowan Berry (Mountain-Ashe)
:bulletred: Seedless Watermelon
:bulletred: Snowberry
:bulletred: Starfruit
:bulletred: Sultana Grape
:bulletred: Surinam Cherry
:bulletred: Sweet Chestnut
:bulletred: Tangelo
:bulletred: Ugli Fruit
Vanilla Bean Aqua-Limeade
:bulletred: Watermelon
:bulletred: Ziziphus Mauritiana

:bulletblack: If you need a little help picking a fruit, give these links a try:
List of culinary fruits
List of fruit trees (small list)
Fruits in Alphabetical Order
If you have other links that would be of help, the founders will gladly put them here.
If I've missed a fruit that you've claimed, let me know and I'll get it up ASAP. Fruits are first come first serve!

:bulletpurple::bulletred: PETS ALREADY TAKEN

:bulletred: Assassian Bug
:bulletred: Bird-Eating Tarantula
:bulletred: Bumblebee
Caper Butterfly Aqua-Limeade
:bulletred: Carder Bee
:bulletred: Cricket
:bulletred: European/Praying Mantis
:bulletred: Giraffe Weevil
:bulletred: Green Crab Spider
:bulletred: Honey Bee
:bulletred: Jewel Beetle
:bulletred: Jumping Spider
:bulletred: Ladybug
:bulletred: Lightning Bug/Firefly
:bulletred: Luna Moth
:bulletred: Magpie Moth
:bulletred: Margined White Butterfly
:bulletred: Monarch Butterfly Caterpillar
:bulletred: Orchid Mantis
:bulletred: Red Ring Skirt Butterfly
:bulletred: Rhinoceros Beetle
:bulletred: White Mantis
:bulletred: Yellow Jacket
:bulletred: Yellow Swallowtail Butterfly

:bulletblack: If you need help finding a pet for your Sprite, try these links.
Beneficial Insects
If you have other links that would help, please share them with us. We really need them for the insects. Thank you!
Let me know if I've missed an insect. They are first come first serve.

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