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Just the general rules apply.
You must have a detailed reference sheet of your character and it must be well done and contain the requirements below.
ALSO. Each evil sprite is to follow the requirements of their section. Frost Sprites follow Frost Sprite requirements, Disease Sprites follow Disease Sprites requirements and Insect Sprites follow Insect Requirements.

:bulletblue::bulletpurple: (plant) DISEASE/POLLUTION SPRITE RULES
Your Sprite MUST</b>
:bulletgreen: If they represent a disease, it must be a sort of affliction that is specific to plants or fruit.
:bulletpurple: If they represent a pollutant, they do not necessarily have to specifically target plants, because any pollution harms the environment in general. However, it is best to pick a pollutant that has a strong, damaging effect. (Think acids, herbicides, oil spills, etc)
:bulletblue: Things such as their appearance, nature, name, and/or location should reflect the disease/pollutant they represent. Some people choose to design disease sprites as if they were fruit sprites that had been "corrupted" by disease, however this is not required.
:bulletred: Have wings, or have some sort of reasonable explanation as to why they do not have wings any more. (Lost them to the disease, etc.) Pollution sprites may have nonorganic "wings" as long as it makes sense with their pollutant (smoggy wings, metal wings, etc.) Also must have pointy ears, same as other kinds of sprites.
:bulletyellow:Please be prepared to describe how your sprite uses its powers, if we feel the need to ask. If you're not quite sure what we mean by "explain their powers", see this as an example:…

Contact Itstillworks (diseases) and/or Txenriks(pollutants)  for details on these Sprites.

:bulletred::bulletorange: (pest) INSECT SPRITE RULES
Your Sprite MUST</b>
:bulletgreen: Be an insect that is HARMFUL to plants and fruits. 'Cause, if they're not, then there's really no point in making one.
:bulletblue: Resemble the insect they're made after. They must have some of the features of said insect.
:bulletpurple: Each insect must have wings, seeing as how they're sprites of the insects. If you made a certain type of spider, the spider's wings could look like the web the spider makes.... Though you MUST ASK before making a spider. If all else fails, dragonfly type wings work. We're just trying to keep in the habit of sprites c:

Contact Kivs-Chan for details on these Sprites.

:bulletyellow::bulletgreen: FROST SPRITE RULES
Your Sprite MUST</b>
:bulletgreen: Their skin has to have some kind of blue hue to it. It can either be regular skin with a blue hue to a fully blue/turquiose/indigo color skin.
:bulletblue: Must have silver pupils with whatever color iris.
:bulletpurple: Wings are icicles and must be unique like snowflakes.
:bulletred: The powers ARE and MUST BE frost/ice related. They are frost sprites, not lightning sprites or fire sprites. You can be unique choosing how the frost sprites use their powers, but it must remain frost/ice related.
:bulletyellow: Frost sprites are weak during warm weather, and stronger during cool weather.

Contact ally2020 for details on these Sprites.

Reference sheets MUST</u>
:bulletgreen: Be 2/3 to a full body shot. Also must include a headshot. Though, if you have a full body shot and a 2/3 or another full body shot, we will accept it.
:bulletblue: Be colored and legiable.
:bulletpurple: Include the Insect/Disease/Pollutant of your Sprite. It can be drawn or you can use an actual picture of the fruit.
:bulletred: Have the location of where the Insects are from. (If there are several places, pick one!) Same for disease and pollutants (however we understand they can be from anywhere... Almost anywhere rather.)
:bulletorange: An age for your sprite, and their height. Height's important for sprites.

When you send in your notes for application, title it APPLICATION DISEASE, INSECT, or FROST. And in your note, along with a link to the picture, you MUST include your sprite's Name, species/type (if Bug/Disease),  AND your deviant user account
Disease Example:</b> Canker, Citrus Cankers, Itstillworks
Bug Example:</b> Duke, Desert Locust, Kivs-Chan
Frost Example:</b> Jackie, Frost Sprite, ally2020

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