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"Is _____________ taken?"
The founders and "Guardians" are always happy to help out, but..... Checking for yourself is just as easy.
Go to the list of taken fruit page, click the CTRL button + F and type in your fruit name. If you don't see it on the list, then it's open! If you're unsure, ask someone and they'd be glad to help.

"Can I make more then one Sprite?"
Club members are allowed to make two sprites each.
As for evil sprites, you're only allowed one of those.

"Can I make twin Sprites and still have a second fruit?"
On special terms and conditions, you may make a set of twins, plus your second sprite. But you MUST ASK the founders before doing so. We need to approve these special conditions.

"Spiders, centipedes and worms aren't classified as insects. Would it be okay if I used them as pets?"
If you want to have any of these kind of creepy crawlies as pets, you'll have to note us and get it approved.

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