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Tue Sep 1, 2009, 7:39 PM by Kivs-Chan:iconkivs-chan:

:bulletgreen::bulletblue::bulletpurple::bulletred::bulletorange::bulletyellow: Welcome to the Orchards:bulletyellow::bulletorange::bulletred::bulletpurple::bulletblue::bulletgreen:


About the Orchard // List of Members // How to Apply (Fruit Sprites) // How to Apply (Evil Sprites) // The Rules // F.A.Qs // OrchardSprites Chat // FruitSpritesRP


So you want to know about the Orchard, eh? Well, slow down, kid. First things first.
What is a fruit sprite?
They are nature’s little helpers, born of the plants they represent,  created to be life’s caretakers. Usually between 4 to 9 inches tall (though there are exceptions), these little fellows flit about quite unnoticed by humans, watching over their kindred plants and helping them to grow. Each type of fruit sprite is its own species with its own unique culture and characteristics. Many of these cultures choose to remain apart from one another, for various reasons; however, in certain circumstances, such as those at The Orchard, sprites of different plant types do mingle. In these circumstances, sprites of different species can fall in love and even interbreed—however, because they are different species with different genetic make ups, their children must be one fruit or the other, not a mix in between.

What can fruit sprites do?
Apart from the normal things any human could do—living, laughing, working, playing—fruit sprites do have a few special abilities worth mentioning. First of all, they all are born with wings, wings in the shape of the leaves of the plant they represent. These wings allow them to fly, though there must be some mischievous magic afoot in said process, because the physics of it is enough to make any self-respecting physicist scratch his head in bewilderment.  The only other manifestation of this magic lies in the fruit sprites’ ability to create glamours, or illusions around themselves. These glamours are what keep humans from discovering them and The Orchard in the first place, but also allow one important other function. Fruit sprites may, when the occasion suits, use their glamour to walk among the humans, by increasing to human size and masking some of their more unusual spritely features. Sprites use this opportunity to learn knowledge or obtain goods they might not have access to otherwise in the forest; however, it should be noted that unnecessary fraternization with the humans is strictly forbidden.

Then, what is an orchard/The Orchard? Why is it important?
Magic is everywhere, kid. In the earth, in the water, in the sky. It weaves itself in a great netlike web all over our planet, invisible to all but those few who are old enough and wise enough to see it. Normally, this magical web gathers naturally in little tangles, little nodes where the currents bring many strands together at one point. These nodes… are Orchards, hotspots of nature, essential to not only the sprite’s lives, but also the lives of everything on the planet.
Orchards usually consist of one great Elder Tree at its very centre, without which, The Orchard would wither and the magical node, dissipate. (In the case of The Orchard, the Elder Tree happens to grow oranges.) Radiating outward from the Elder Tree grows an unimaginable variety of other fruited plants, for the Orchard’s magical concentration allows a multitude of ecosystems and environments to converge at once. Were you to take a stroll around an Orchard, you might cross a desert, a rainforest, and a plain, all in the space of a few minutes. These Orchards were once found scattered all across the globe, and were great strongholds of life itself. But over time… the Orchards have grown fewer and farther between. Now, only a handful remain. The Orchard, by far the biggest and most prosperous of these few remaining Orchards, is where our story takes place. Sad as it seems, should The Orchard fall, most everything else on the planet would follow.

Well, then, if the Orchard’s so important, how do we save it?
The Ceremony, of course. Once every year, in the dead of winter, every Orchard performs a magical Ceremony, drawing power from the sprites present, using their magic to break winter, usher in spring, and guarantee that the planet will indeed come back to life from that long and frigid slumber. The Ceremony renews The Orchard’s magic; without it, the Elder Tree would surely die. And we already know what happens if the Elder Tree dies—certain doom.
It is for this purpose that sprites are sent to The Orchard—one representative from every fruit species—so that they can help with the Ceremony. Until it is time for the Ceremony to occur, the sprites reside there in a little house near their respective plant, living as they like, protecting or serving The Orchard as best they can. These houses do have some commodities that the mechanic, Tarte, brought to The Orchard after studying the humans. It is also traditional for Orchards to host seasonal harvest festivals for the residents to attend, though these are mostly recreational and not as important as the Ceremony itself.

Protect the Orchard? How? And against what?
A group of sprites, led by Captains Rubus and Adonis, have dedicated themselves to just that task. They call themselves the “Guardians”, and together they stand watch over The Orchard, training so that they are ready to defend it from any would-be attackers.  However, their task is not an easy one. The vast majority of sprites, even among the Guardians, have become lax in these past decades of peace, treating their Guardianship as a purely honorary title, believing the world outside to be free of threat. Once, there were evil sprites, sprites of pestilence and infestation, that would devour and destroy the fruit sprites and Orchards if not stopped. But that was long ago, and the evil sprites have since become little more than boogeymen in many sprite’s minds. “Don’t misbehave,” sprite parents would say, “or The Canker will eat you!” They didn’t realize just how very true their words could be.

So what do I do?
Join, of course. Only together can we keep The Orchard alive. And if you’re bored, various Orchard officials will be happy to give you tasks to occupy your time. …Now that I think of it, I suppose I should introduce you, let you know who’s who.

:bulletred: Nonno - Elder and overseer of The Orchard, this stern Sicilian Orange is rarely seen outside the confines of his Elder Tree, preferring instead to pass his decrees to Gala, who takes things from there. Usually, he only emerges for the most important Ceremonies and festivals, and even then, this Godfather of fruits never appears without the company of his bodyguards.

:bulletorange: Leaders Gala and Moro - These two were appointed by Nonno to run The Orchard’s day to day matters. Gala is affectionately referred to as The Orchard “momma”, beloved universally by the sprites, acting as the foundation that holds the sprites together even in unhappy times. Moro, Nonno’s grandson, is more foolish and irresponsible, having a great fondness for the ladies, though he has been doing his best to shape up as of late. If Nonno has any orders for you, you’ll hear it from them.

:bulletyellow: Captains Rubus and Adonis - as Heads of the Orchard Guardians, these two would be more than happy to assign missions involving training, sparring, or protecting the Orchard to you.

:bulletgreen: Dr. Mulberry - The Orchard physician, he is responsible for the treatment of all illnesses, injuries, and conditions that occur. Any task he sets you will likely have medicinal purposes, such as gathering herbs or assisting him in his practice.

:bulletblue: Fr. Quincy - A non-denominational priest, this Quince Sprite holds services weekly for any who wish to attend, acts as counselor to any who need a listening ear, and officiates at ceremonies such as weddings, baptisms, and funerals. An avid scholar, he keeps a vast library of books in his rectory that any sprite may read. On occasion he may ask sprites to assist him in his library or help study something for his research.

:bulletpurple: Professor Delicious - as The Orchard’s only teacher, he tutors sprite children. (however, as of right now I don’t think there are any children to be taught xD)

Note: links to reference images and more information will be added when made available. Gala, Moro, Rubus, and Adonis are actual characters; the others are NPCs and appear only in matters of plot or quest-giving.


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