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:bulletgreen: Be nice and friendly to fellow club members. We're a club and we were made for people to socialize and to share their art and to just have fun. There's no need for drama or the like. If you have problems with someone in the club, please leave them outside of the club. We don't want to have to ban anyone from the chats or the club.
:bulletblue: You MUST put the club's icon in your journal.... Or where ever it is you keep your club icons. : iconorchard-sprites : = :iconorchard-sprites:, minus the spaces c:
:bulletpurple: Do NOT favorite or comment on the club's submissions. The artist work hard on their art and you should go and favorite the original piece of work.
:bulletred: CHECK THE LIST TO MAKE SURE THE FRUIT YOU DESIRE ISN'T ALREADY TAKEN. This is more of a common sense rule, but we don't want to hear whining because you've got the character done but just discovered the fruit you picked is taken. Check the list. Same goes for the Evil Sprites (Diseases and Bugs) and the Pets.
:bulletorange: Please put forth effort into your character sheets and art submissions. Make it nice and neat and pretty (to the best of your ability that is).
:bulletyellow: Please try to be active. This includes taking part in contest and exchanges occassionally, stopping by the chatroom everyone once in a while, submitting art (or even just drawing art) of your character. We just want to make sure you're alive and not wasting your fruit selection.

Chatroom</b> // RPing based Chatroom // Adult RPing based Chatroom

:bulletgreen: FIRST OFF. Be nice and kind to your fellow club member and the prospects coming in. Show them respect even if they're being pains. Fighting won't solve anything and it'll more then likely get you booted from the chat, and eventually banned.
:bulletblue: Keep the serious role playing in the RP chat. The main chat is for talking and a little bit of randomness here and there. We don't want to upset any of the other members who are trying to develope their Sprites or ask for help.
:bulletpurple: If you want to do some serious, adult type role playing, do it in the adult chat. If you're below the age of 18, we suggest you not go into this chat. You have been warned. If you don't like it, please don't venture into it.
:bulletred: No god-modding or power playing. No one likes it and it's just not acceptable.
:bulletorange: Listen to your founders and mods (guardians). We try to keep the peace and to help out with members and prospects. There's no reason to be rude to your leaders, for we hold your destiny in our hands! Okay, that's a little too much, but seriously. Be kind and show a little respect.
:bulletyellow: No bashing, trolling, rudeness, excessive swearing, asshole-ery and the like are allowed. Be nice, be friendly, be helpful and be happy.

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