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Just the general rules apply.
You must have a detailed reference sheet of your character and it must be well done and contain the requirements below.
You may not have the same fruit as someone else in the club. You may have a different variety, but we don't want doubles. Same goes for Sprite pets, they must vary also.
YOU CAN ONLY MAKE 2 SPRITES. We're trying to save enough fruit for everyone.

:bulletblue::bulletpurple: SPRITE RULES
Your Sprite MUST</b>
:bulletgreen: Resemble the fruit he/she represents.
:bulletblue: Have wings that resemble the leaves of their fruit.
:bulletpurple: Sport pointy ears! C'mon people, they're sprites! But of course, sometimes the hair can cover the ears and that's okay.
:bulletred: Come from where their fruits are grown, it only makes sense. If your fruit can be grown in several different locations, pick one.
:bulletorange: In Sprite from, they can be no taller then 9 inches, and no shorter then 4 inches. HOWEVER, if you'd like your sprite to be taller then 9 inches, or shorter then 4, you MUST note the club and have it approved.
:bulletyellow: Your Sprite's name must have SOMETHING to do with their fruit. It can be related to the color, the taste, the texture.... The scientific name. You can even look up the fruit's name in another language and use that! Or if you're clever enough, you can use a name from their place of origin. Just don't make it too off the wall or out there.

:bulletblack: Check this list if you're not sure if a fruit is taken or not.
:bulletblack: If you need a little help picking a fruit, give these links a try:
List of culinary fruits
List of fruit trees (small list)
Fruits in Alphabetical Order
If you have other links that would be of help, the founders will gladly put them here.

Reference sheets MUST</u>
:bulletgreen: Be 2/3 to a full body shot. Also must include a headshot. Though, if you have a full body shot and a 2/3 or another full body shot, we will accept it.
:bulletblue: Be colored and legiable.
:bulletpurple: Include the fruit of your Sprite. It can be drawn or you can use an actual picture of the fruit.
:bulletred: Have the location of where the fruits are grown, or as we call it, the Sprite's place of birth. (If there are several places, pick one!)
:bulletorange: An age for your sprite, and their height. Height's important for sprites.
:bulletyellow: They don't HAVE to include your Sprite's pet (If they decided to have one.), but it would be recommended if you did so. Reguardless of when you give them their pet, YOU have to draw it. You can't use a picture for the pet, sorry. If you can't draw it, you can't have it.

When you send in your notes for application, title it APPLICATION. And in your note, along with a link to the picture, you MUST include your sprite's Name, Fruit Name, Pet (if they have one), Pet Name AND your deviant user account
Example:</b> Gala, Gala Apple, Spike, Honeybee, Kivs-Chan

:bulletred: About Sprite Pets
Sprites need insects and what not to help them pollinate so that their harvest can prosper right? Sometimes those insects can become great pets! Your Sprite is allowed an insect for a pet, but, as for the fruits, each insect must be unique. We'd like to ask you to not have the same as another member. Be creative. There are tons of insects to choose from.
If you want a spider, or a creepy crawlie not classifed as an insect, you MUST note the club and have it approved first.

:bulletblack: List of taken pets
:bulletblack: If you need help finding a pet for your Sprite, try these links.
Beneficial Insects
If you have other links that would help, please share them with us. We really need them for the insects. Thank you!

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